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To discover the world's most beautiful destinations

The history of Nessie Travels began more than 20 years ago. Our team offers years of experience in organizing trips, many of which we have personally tested. We are the first clients of what we offer and often, thanks to our established expertise in Italy and abroad, we follow Nessie Viaggi groups to multiple destinations! We always look for the best value for money to make our clients’ experiences truly unique. Canada, USA, Kenya, South Africa, India, Japan, Polynesia, Fiji, Spain, Portugal, Finland, Norway are just some of the destinations we plan in detail according to your needs: from study trips to wedding registry planning, always guaranteeing you comfort and safety when travelling to different countries.

To travel is to live.

Hans Christian Andersen

Wedding registry for
unforgettable trips

We specialize in organizing tailor-made honeymoons so you and your spouse can crown the best day of your life. You can find us every year at the most important wedding trade shows, such as the MilanoSposi Fair in Assago, because we love to present newlyweds with all the news from the travel world, through careful research of locations. We offer the best proposals with the convenience of opening a free wedding registry visible to relatives and friends, who will be able to help make your honeymoon unique. But not only that, with us it is possible to donate part of the proceeds of the trip to a nonprofit organization so that your gesture of love becomes special.

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