What an amazing wedding you will have if choose to get married in Sorrento!

Beautiful coastal town, with friendly people, amazing beaches and delicious food. Unforgettable mix of romance and charm. You will definitely enjoy exploring on foot its narrow streets, which are filled with colorful characteristic shops, featuring local handmade works of art. Its ideal position also allows you to visit the ancient towns of Pompei and Herculaneum as well as Positano, Amalfi and the islands of Capri.

There are some gorgeous Coastal Villas, ancient Medieval Castle to choose from, yet luxury palace Hotels with cliff-top gardens, Belle Époque interiors, romantic terraces with views of the Bay of Naples This will definitely overwhelm you.

Pizza was born here! Literally the most famous meal all around the globe …. You can eat pizza, practically everywhere……but nowhere else it is so delicious as here. Thanks to Queen Margherita, who happened to visit Naples. The pizzeria Brandi, in fact, which the Queen visited, prepared for her, three different pizzas, inspired by the Italian flag using: tomatoes for red, basil for green and mozzarella for white. The Queen fell in love with it and the Pizza was named after her. Superlative is The cuisine, and wines of the region are incredibly tasty too. The fragrant lemon groves produce the famous limoncello liquor which is also used in making local desserts, such as the “Delizia al limone”.

The best time to visit Sorrento, is definitely year round, but March through October are the sunniest months.
 Closest Airports nearby are: Naples 1 hour Rome 2 hours There are busses and train. By Sea there is
”The Metrò del Mare” which runs between Castellammare di Stabia, Vico Equense and Sorrento. We are also providing private transfers to customize your staying here (24\7 hours service).

We have established a special relationship only with the highest level of local providers, and we can claim a great team of wedding designers. We will coordinate everything and everyone for you. Symbolic ceremonies are for those couples wishing to avoid the legal requirements but who don’t want to give up to exchange their wedding vows looking at each other the Symbolic ceremony can take place in hotels, private villas, outdoor venues and gardens, and performed by an officiant of your choice. We work with professional interpreters and native speakers, able to officiate and customize your symbolic ritual.