Rome, capital city of Italy, the ideal place for an unforgettable Italian Wedding! Imagine suggestive sights and beautiful piazzas, as well as big choice of World famous historical and cultural attractions: the Roman Forum, the Colosseum, the Spanishsteps, and the Trevi fountain… incredible frames for your wedding pics. Another amazing place such as “Il Pantheon” with its breathtaking romantic piazza, represents another timeless setting for a dream wedding in Rome. Center of the Italian political life, as well as center of the Catholicworld, since the Vatican is here with its opulence… get ready to be amazed. For your weddinginRome you really have as many options as you want! Starting from Luxurious palaces and Villas, historical Residences, Renaissance Castles,and indescribable rooftopviews of unique Restaurants and Hotels. We have an incredible selection of venues of the most fascinating city in the world!

You will get lost in many streets to explore and a variety of restaurants ideal for gourmets. Ancient tradition and fresh seasonal products from local farmhouses: vegetables, meats, legumes and grains; made the cuisine of Lazio one of most characteristic just like its dishes: Carbonara spaghetti, a simple but truly genius dish “Penne alla Arrabiata” with hot peppers and tomatoes or “Bucatini alla Amatriciana” made with bacon, tomatoes and pecorino cheese.

Rome has two airports – Fiumicino (Leonardo da Vinci), which is the main airport and it is well connected with the center during the day by an express train, and Ciampino. The metro (called Metropolitana by residents) goes around rather than through the historic city. There are hundreds of bus lines, running from 5:30am till midnight. All buses and trams travel in both directions. We are also providing private transfers to customize your staying here (24\7 hours service).

The best time to visit is definitely all year round. Mild climate in every season.


Rome is literally the ideal place to celebrate a Catholic wedding, as it is the cradle, the capital of the Catholic religion. We have an incredible selection of Roman Catholic churches. You could get married inside VaticanCity, in St. Peter’s Basilica, to begin with, although there are several regulations and rules, you have to follow. The church of S. Maria in Trastevere, which is considered to be the most ancient church of Rome, is another incredible possibility for your catholic wedding in Rome, and so on…. Ancient Town halls immersed in historical areas, for your Civil ceremony: Campidoglio Wedding Hall is one of our suggestions. It is a beautiful setting for a formal civil ceremony. It stands on the Capitoline hill, one of seven hills. It represents the emblem of Rome as “caput mundi”, the capital of the world! Less formal then Campidoglio is the Vignola Mattei complex, which is close to another amazing location: The Bath of Caracalla. For a charming and intimate civil ceremony. For a Symbolic wedding ceremony,
 you may consider spectacular venues located in the heart of town or panoramic terrace overlooking Spanish steps rather than a Medieval Castel or an Antique Baroque Palazzo. Also available Protestant churches, Jewish synagogues, and Orthodox churches.