Italian Lakes

Among the spectacular landscape options that Italy has to offer, the Lake is one of them. A destination wedding
in continuous growth in terms of popularity, so that it is now becoming
one of the trendiest in Italy, comparable to other very well-known
venues, such as the Amalfi coast and the Tuscan countryside.

The romance and the discreet charm of the lake, as much as the unique and evocativeatmosphere
of it, are the reasons why it is becoming increasingly popular. Imagine
clear static waters, an incredible rich and colorful nature all around
you, charming villages with narrow streets climbing the mountains. Smallports, where you can take a boat trip, and where you can breathe the atmosphere of the past, and yet smallislands
surrounded by an almost unreal peace. A place that really seems to be
created to pleasure you and your senses. The lake have become famous
also thanks to the film industry. The beautiful town of Bellagio on LakeComo, featured in films such as Ocean Twelve, Casino Royale, and it was here that one of the latest Star Wars episode was shot.

The promise is that your wedding here will be spectacular and unique, and it will also gift you with amazingpictures and lots of unforgettablememories. After having chosen with you the most suitable Lakesidevenue, we will also handle every other detail beyond your wedding ceremony and reception,
taking care of the documentation required, services, accommodations and
restaurants lists for your guests, and eventually villa rentals!