Passport and visa

A passport valid for at least 6 months beyond the date of entry is sufficient. A visa is not required.


The language spoken in Ecuador is Castilian Spanish.


No vaccinations are mandatory. One against yellow fever and malaria prophylaxis is strongly recommended for people hiking in the Amazon jungle. Remember that significant altitudes are reached in the Andean circuit, so it is advisable to consult your doctor about this, especially those suffering from cardiovascular or respiratory problems. It is advisable not to forget insect repellent, good sunscreen and intestinal disinfectant.

Time zone.

Quito time is 6 hours later than Rome time. During daylight saving time the difference rises to 7 hours. In contrast, the Galapagos Islands are 7 hours behind Rome time, 8 hours during daylight saving time.


Ecuador is a tropical country (straddling the Equator) that offers a varied climate due to the topography of its territory. On the coast and in the Galapagos Islands, the climate is characterized by a hot and humid season (around 30°) from January to the end of April, with sudden downpours. From May to December temperatures drop a few degrees (25°- 27°) and rainfall is rare, although skies are often cloudy and gray, especially in July and August. In the Andean Highlands the dry season runs from June to the end of September, with the same characteristics as the season on the coast. In the wet season, rainfall is very frequent, especially in April. Temperatures fluctuate throughout the year between highs of 20°- 22° and lows of 7° 8°. The Amazon region is characterized by a hot-humid tropical climate with daytime temperatures around 30° C. Generally the driest months are from December to March, while the rainiest months are from April to August. Rainfall, however, is almost year-round, especially in the afternoon and evening.


As of 2000, the current currency in Ecuador is the U.S. dollar.


Llapingachos: potato and cheese fritters, often served with fritada,fried or roasted pork in small pieces. Locro: thick soup usually prepared with potatoes and corn, accompanied by avocado or cheese. Seco: meat stew served with a side of rice. It can be de gallina (chicken), de res (beef), de chivo (goat) or de corsero (lamb). Churrasco: fried slice of beef with one or two eggs also fried, vegetables (usually beets, carrots and boiled beans), fried potatoes, one slice of avocado and one of tomato, rice.


110 volts. We recommend getting an American-type adapter.